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Why a Recovery School?

Recovering students are vulnerable and susceptible to influence by peers and environmental factors. Research clearly shows that recovering students who return to traditional high schools after treatment are far more likely than not to relapse.

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Welcome to Quest Collegiate and Recovery Centres. If you are visiting our website, your family member or someone you know has been down the hard road that is drug or alcohol addiction and is looking toward recovery. Parents and students considering enrollment at Quest Collegiate recognize that returning to a former high school or a traditional high school after addiction treatment puts a student’s future in real jeopardy; the opportunities for relapse are plentiful, the risks too high and too costly. Students who are genuinely interested in putting this behind them, focusing on their education, their future, and sustaining abstinence will find all the empathy, care, and support tailored to their individual needs in a tried and true model of integrated education and aftercare. In addition to an interdisciplinary team of educational and recovery resources, students are surrounded by peers with similar experiences; this combination of integrated resources and common ground among peers is what sets recovery schools apart from traditional high schools and sets the stage for academic and personal success.

There are a number of key elements to Quest Collegiate’s programs that are fundamental to recovery high schools. We encourage you to explore our site, make notes, and ask questions to make informed decisions that will have long term impacts on the future.