At Quest Collegiate and Recovery Centres, our mission is to provide teens recovering from substance use disorder with an environmental and social configuration that supports and encourages recovery and academic success.   We pledge the following to our students and our families:

  • To treat students with dignity and respect, and to foster individuality;
  • To build on each student’s personal assets emphasizing positive attributes;
  • To ensure that teaching and recovery staff are educated, supportive and cognizant of the challenges in balancing recovery and dependency issues with school;
  • To practice restorative justice in helping students, families, and communities reconcile;
  • To provide a learning environment that encourages critical thinking, active participation, and personal engagement;
  • To empower students to set personal and academic goals and to pursue their personal best;
  • To instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in our learning community.

Code of Ethics

 All members of the Quest Collegiate and Recovery Centres community, including teachers, administrators, counsellors, support personnel, and volunteers adhere to the following principles of moral and ethical consideration.

  1. Responsibility Toward the Student:  Remain objective and sincere in your interactions with students and always maintain the highest standard of professionalism.
  2. Respect Toward the Student:  Always interact with students in a respectful, positive, and constructive manner that supports mental and emotional wellness.
  3. Student Welfare: Always work in the best interest of the student protecting the student’s and the public’s health, safety, and welfare.
  4. Competence:  Recognize and understand professional boundaries and limitations and never work with students in any capacity outside of our abilities.
  5. Established standards:  Ensure that all legal and moral obligations toward students and families are understood and fulfilled.
  6. Discrimination and stereotyping:  Students and families shall never be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or socioeconomic status.  Further, Quest Collegiate and Recovery Centres denounces labelling, stereotyping or any form of typecasting of students or families either publicly or privately.
  7. Confidentiality:  Disclosure of any confidential information whatsoever about a student or family acquired through teaching, counselling, coaching, or any other interaction is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of the student and/or family.
  8. Strength-Based Approach:  Concentrate on developing student assets and areas of potential.  Focus on the individual and his/her value at all times.
  9. Public Awareness:  Educate the public about substance use disorders and mental illness, the effects on teens and the importance of community support in the recovery process.