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May 26

Why Not “Why”?

I have a confession to make. I do not have a back story of triumphing over addiction. Even as a teenager, I never cared for drugs in any form, they scared the daylights out me. Choked on all three of … Continue reading

May 22

Recovery High: Where biomedical intervention hands off to social innovation

Recovery high schools do not operate on the biomedical model of treatment for youth substance abuse. Nope, we leave that to the experts, as in M.D.’s. We also keep the medical community very close at hand in the event that … Continue reading

May 14

Harm Reduction and Recovery High

“What is your harm reduction strategy?” you ask. The short answer is always the same: “We are an abstinence-based program.” Yes, that means that we cannot, by design, incorporate harm reduction programs into our recovery model. This does not imply … Continue reading

May 07

The ABC’s of Recovery High

I completed my PhD dissertation research working with children with exceptionalities. They were such a remarkable group of kids and families that I still think of them often. I was recently asked to explain the crux of why recovery education … Continue reading

May 02

How does Canadian Education measure up for International Students? Pretty Darn Good….

The ever evolving questions are really keeping me on my toes. The latest inquiry from an American family centered on the quality of Canadian education for American students. Good question, why come all the way up here to finish a … Continue reading

Apr 25

Recovery High Schools and Community

You may have noticed that I have allowed a few misguided and misinformed critics of recovery high school students to get under my skin. I want to dedicate today to the incredible people that are supporting this school and welcoming … Continue reading

Apr 19

Actually, You’ve got it all Backwards….

Despite very carefully crafted messages about recovery high schools, how they work, who they serve, and the very tightly controlled social and environmental factors that are key to the great success of these programs, people continue to appoint themselves judge, … Continue reading

Apr 12

What Ever Happened to the Golden Rule?

As the great Stephen Covey reminds us in his teachings; “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, also known as the Golden Rule. In our case, do unto the children of others as you would have done … Continue reading

Apr 08

Applying to a Recovery High School

Don’t you mean enrolling in a recovery high school? It’s not quite that simple; not every student is right for recovery high. Most recovery high schools, like ours, have a fairly comprehensive application that includes a combination of factual input, … Continue reading

Apr 01

Why attend when I can email my resume?

There has been a real increase in telephone and email traffic with our upcoming job fair. We are hosting the fair at the North Simcoe campus at 7959 Hwy 93, just south of the community of Wyebridge. We felt it … Continue reading