Recovery Management

Substance Use Disorder is a chronic condition; it will not be “cured” after 30 days, 3 months, or 6 months of treatment. Chronic conditions require daily management, daily evaluation, and daily commitment while setbacks are part of active recovery.  Our recovery support strategy includes individualized recovery plans that build on gains made during acute treatment by maintaining and enhancing each student’s recovery network and building a healthy recovery community.

In House Recovery

Our in house support program includes daily check ins and weekly group therapy sessions led by professional addiction counsellors while our in-house certified recovery coaches are available before, during, and after the regular school day to assist students when they are feeling vulnerable and experiencing negative emotions.   Monthly family counselling facilitates healing at home and prepares families for the challenges of managing adolescent addiction.

Hub and Spoke Recovery

Acting as the recovery hub, we coordinate service delivery with outside resources identified in the recovery plan and ensure that resources remain appropriate and suitable student by student.

Hub & Spoke Diagram