Why a Recovery School?

Recovering students are vulnerable and susceptible to influence by peers and environmental factors. Research clearly shows that recovering students who return to traditional high school after treatments are far more likely then not to relapse. Recovery high schools provide students with an environment that is free of drugs and alcohol while providing a community of peer supports and teachers and counsellors who understand the challenges of working through recovery and reaching academic goals at the same time.


Do Recovery Schools Work?

  • There are over 30 recovery schools operating throughout the United States, many of these schools have waiting lists. Published statistics on recovery school performance:
  • Recovery school graduation rates are consistently between 92 and 95%
  • Students enrolled in recovery high schools reduced daily alcohol, cannibis, or drug use by 83%
  • Students report a significant reduction in mental health symptoms including, anxiety, depresion, suicidal ideation, and ADHD on year after attending recovery schools.*

*Source: Finch, A., & Wegman, H. (2012). The Prevention Researcher